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                                NFL Betting Strategies for the Real World Sports Bettor
  Betting on and profiting from the NFL requires a little knowledge, the right tools, and a betting strategy to make it all work. In this article I will give you the specific knowledge, describe the tools needed, and provide the only betting rule you need to know to win.What knowledge do you need? There is only one thing you really need to know. The books do not control the probabilities of the outcome the same way casinos control their games. To offset the lack of control, they charge a vig. But that lack of control is also what makes winning possible even when starting at a 2.4% monetary disadvantage.Because the books can not control the probabilities, you can. The books use point spreads to encourage betting one way or the other. It is their feeble attempt to control the probabilities across the board. But over time, advantages can be found by betting certain spread situations that have shown a high historical probability of a win. The only tool you need to have is a chart of the spreads that will profit for you. Betting spreads without the right tools can leave you betting at under a 40% probability of winning. How many mistakes like that can your bankroll stand?Once you understand the books do not control the edge and gain that control for yourself by using the right tools, you need a betting strategy that will allow you to take advantage of those edges over the long haul. There is only one way to bet, and that is a flat bet every time for the same amount. Anything else will prove destructive to your bankroll and eliminate any advantage you may have gained with your knowledge and tools. Always remember this: No game is worth more than any other game.You win a lot by winning a little at a time in a lot of different ways. The risk is spread out over many smaller systems that always have an edge on every bet you place. Winning money on the NFL is easy with the right knowledge, tools, and betting strategy.

                                NFL Picks
  It's the most wonderful time of the year for sports fans because the NFL Football season has been an extravagant one. Who would have thought that the Buffalo Bills would be without a win, the New Orleans Saints haven't been on fire like they we're last year, the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Bucs started out 3-0 and the Dallas Cowboys with future hall of fame quarterback Tony Romo have struggled right out of the gate losing their first three football games in the NFL so far this season.Well if you predicted any of the above than you must be a psychic because it was certainly unforeseeable to any sports fan. The league prides itself in it's competitive sports handicapping, friendly work betting pools, and fantasy games that gets just about everybody in America involved in picking certain players to root for each week in exchange for some points against their friends.While the commissioner tends to highly frown on the wagering of games at any online sports book they secretly know that over 80% of people watching the game have a vested interest in one form or another. The truth is people love to bet on the NFL and football is by far the most popular and there is no way to stop the beast and with the economics behind sports why would anybody really want to?The best way to bet on games throughout the season is to look for helpful advice and tips. Sometimes this may come from doing the most intense homework of studying every single player in the league where they have come from how they have played against the spread, do they play well on the road, at home, in rain, sleet, snow, with green eggs and ham, and so forth. You can find a compete schedule from the league at NFL.COM. If you are looking for betting tips and ways to actually make money off of the league instead of spending money on sports tickets, jerseys, peanuts, hot dogs, beer, and tail-gating equipment than you may want to consider Google news and their advice on NFL picks throughout the season. You can either search for weekly picks or general advice. Also right here at Ezine articles there is a lot of excellent content and helpful advice on ways to improve your fantasy football team this year.
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