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   3 NFL Betting Secrets
  The National Football League (NFL) is the largest professional American football league in the whole world. It's not only the whole country that is going crazy about it but people everywhere too, regardless of their ages, sizes, and races.NFL is not only popular live and on TV, it is more so online, especially among the betting public. Yes, betting does not only happen in the field, people who are watching in their homes from different parts of the country (and even the world) can be virtually present in the field placing their bets. You won't believe how much money betting online is produced every season. If you haven't tried it and plan of doing it, here are 3 NFL betting secrets you should bear in mindDon't get carried away, use your head and budget your money - It may be very tempting to place large bets, but the wise thing to do is to set aside a specific amount of money and stick with that bankroll whatever happens. Sure, your team may have been "tried and tested", but there is nothing so certain when it comes to sports. Better play safe.oIf in doubt, bet small - Sportsbooks usually accept a minimum deposit of $20. If you are unsure how to bet, what to bet, or whom to bet for, deposit $20 and experiment with two-dollar or five-dollar bets. Yes, most sportsbooks will accept five-dollar bets. Some even accept one-dollar parlay wagers.oDon't get lulled by fad bets -- Fad bets are like specialty blackjack games in the casino which have a progressive jackpot as long as you are willing to pony up a dollar extra per hand. In the long run, you may get nothing from it. These 3 NFL betting secrets may sound quite simple but they will surely bring you far. Happy betting!

                                Popular NFL Team - Dallas Cowboys
  Although there are many NFL teams which are extremely popular, and many states and cities in which the fans are particularly fervent, it is hard to say that there could be any team with a more dedicated fan base than the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas Cowboys trivia tells us that the team joined the NFL in 1960, and is now in the NFC east division of the league (post NFL -AFL merger). The best way you can see how popular the team is, is by their record of the most consecutive sold out games, both at home, and on the road.A Dallas Cowboys quiz will show that in 2009 they were featured in a Forbes Magazine list. The list was highlighting the most valuable sports franchises, most of which were NFL teams. However, the Cowboys had the distinction of being rated #1 on that list. A sure sign of the value of the franchise is demonstrated in the construction of their new, state of the art stadium which they opened this year.The Dallas Cowboys have had many franchise players with the team over the years who have emerged as local heros. Tom Landry as the head coach of the original team surely qualifies, and Don Meredith, their primary quarterback during the early sixties as well. There were other huge names, giants of the NFL that played with the team, and Dallas Cowboys trivia will show that this is one of the reasons the team was so popular through the entire country. Some of those names might include Mike Ditka, Ed "too tall" jones, and Tony Dorsett.A new era for the team will be shown by a Dallas Cowboys quiz to have started in the late eighties and the early nineties. These would be the years that would feature such franchise shaking events as the firing of Tom Landry and the drafting of Troy Aikman. Although the Landry firing was controversial, and the team did slump, Aikman would soon lead them into some of their most successful years.The Dallas Cowboys are currently lead by quarterback Tony Romo, and while a strong team, they have not performed well in the last few years. They were the winningest team in the entire 1990s, but have faltered in the last decade, not even reaching the playoffs in 2008 after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles and finishing the season at 9-7.

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